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Google Spreadsheet Plugin

This is add-on for Google Spreadsheet. Using this you can send bulk promotional SMS on Indian mobile number.


  • Easy to send SMS
  • Works with Google Spreadsheet
  • No need of MS-Excel
  • Send test SMS to comma separated numbers
  • Send group SMS to “Groups” of SMSLane account
  • Send bulk SMS to selected numbers of Google Spreadsheet

SMSLane Add-on can be installed from the Google add-on store for spreadsheet or by click here. To install from existing spreadsheet go to “Add-ons” -> “Get add-ons…”, search “SMSLane”, click on Free and accept permissions.

For sending sms you need a gmail accounta and a SMSLane account with promotional credit. After installing the add-on, open it by clicking “Add-ons” -> “SMSLane” -> “Send SMS” in spreadsheet.


SMSLane Add-on can be un-installed from the spreadsheet. Go to “Add-ons” -> “Manage add-ons” -> “Manage” -> “Remove”.

For Sender Id, Groups, Credit and Delivery reports login to your account.

Supported Browsers
To work with Google Sheets two most recent versions of the following browsers are required. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are turned on for the browser.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Internet Explorer

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