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Developer API

What is API?

The API is a complete programmable interface to all functionality. We currently provide wrappers for PHP, .NET, Ruby, Java, Python, Android and Objective-C which make working with common API operations very simple.

What can you do with it?

Quite a lot! In fact, the entire frontend is built on the API, and we’ve exposed it all for you to use too. If you want to build event-driven applications, you have the ability to register webhooks in your apps. There are some sensible rate-limits in place, but if you need us to raise them for your app, get in touch.

How do I get started?

You’ll need a SMSLane¬†account, first of all. Then you grab an API key for each app you want to build from your account settings page.

We recommend that you start out by getting to know the concepts and conventions of SMSLane and its API and learn how to authenticate with us, before you dive into the tutorials and the documentation.

You will probably also want to look at our client libraries to see if we have one available for your prefered language or platform.

Sample Codes

ASP Sample

C# Sample

Http Api Sample

Java Sample

PHP Sample


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